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and processing of information

Confidentiality of data

Versa Vottun is fully responsible for the safeguarding of information related to company's clients and must ensure the confidentiality and correctness of the information in all respects. Versa vottun's responsibility for the confidentiality of customer information also extends to information that may need to be handed over to external parties (auditing contractors, government or other).

Confidentiality Statement

Versa Vottun's employees sign a confidentiality statement to ensure confidentiality with their clients. Confidentiality applies to everything that Versa Vottun's employees observe during audits, but also to the data recorded about customers, whether during an audit or as a result of further data processing at Versa Vottun's office or elsewhere. Information about a business partner that comes from other sources, such as the person making a complaint or the government, should also be treated like other confidential information.


Informed consent

Versa Vottun must inform customers in advance of which data will be published publicly (e.g. on Versa Vottun's website). All other information about the client shall be considered as confidential data, i.e. everything that will be registered about him at Versa certification. No data about the client will be handed over to an external party without his written consent, unless this is permitted according to laws.


Legal requirements

When Versa Vottun is required, by law, or permitted by contract (for example, in the field of accreditation), to disclose confidential information, the customer or the person concerned will be notified unless prohibited by law.

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