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Decision on certification, suspension and withdrawal

Requirements for certified customers 

When the certification audit (stage 2)/re-certification audit is completed with the lead auditors's recommendations for certification and the client has resolved all non-conformities, the matter is handed over to the certification committee. The committee has two weeks to review the audit report and all relevant documentation to ensure that all work involved has been carried out in accordance with Versa vottun's processes . Below is an overview of the decision process. 


Certification Decision (PCD-020).png

Suspension and withdrawal

It is always the responsibility of certified clients to ensure that the management system continuously maintains the results that were aimed for during the implementation of the management system standard as well as maintaining conformity with the requirements made to certified entities according to the relevant management standard and relevant legal requirements together with Rules for certificationand and Rules for the use of certification marks from Versa Vottun.


Failure to do so may require Versa Vottun to take action to ensure corrections are made to the management system. The following process on suspension and withdrawal of certification, describes the process that is initiated if clients do not respond to major non-conformities in an appropriate or satisfactory manner.

Suspending, reducing and withdrawing certification.png
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