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Appeals and complaints

The process for receiving and handling complaints and appeals

Versa Vottun has established a standard process for receiving and processing complaints or appeals from clients or other stakeholders, to ensure fairness, transparency and impartiality throughout the process. An overview of the process can be seen on the side.


Versa Vottun takes full responsibility for the decisions made in connection with that process and that the submission of an appeal or complaint, its investigation or a decision based on that investigation will not result in discrimination of any kind against the person making it.


Appeals and complaints are received through messages here on the Versa certification website, via e-mail or through a phone-call. The person who submits a complaint or appeal about a specific issue is kept informed of its status throughout the process. The employees or auditors who are associated to the subject of the complaint or appeal will not be involved in its handling in any way.

Versa Vottun decides whether the appeal or complaint material and its outcome will be made public, in consultation with the appellant or complainant.

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