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Certification mark


Badges and certificates

According to the conformity assessment standard ISO 17021-1, certification bodies should issue standard certificates to confirm that the relevant organization has passed an audit of a specific management system. All certificates issued by Versa Vottun carry a special certification mark to identify the management system(s) covered by the certification. The certification mark contains the Versa certification logo and the name of the relevant management system.

Versa Vottu  Basic Certification mark

The basic certification mark is registered with Hugverkastofa, but it is composed of the certification image mark of Versa Vottun and a reference below to the relevant certification standard (certification standard, law or other standard) on top of a brown background that has a white and gray border (the mark which is at the top left of the signs on this side)

  • The certification logo can also be placed on a white or black background (the white background then has a black and gray border).

  • The certification logo (circular) must be presented with a shadow, as can be seen on the certification logos on this side.



Certification marks linked to the UN Global Goals

To highlight how the implementation, operation and continuous improvement of management systems can contribute to increased sustainability, as well as supporting the progress of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG), the certification marks can also be presented on a background that is in accordance with the colors of the UN SDG (see information about colors in section 4.3 ). If this is done, it is necessary to explain how the management system supports the respective UN SDG.

If the Icon of the corresponding UN SDG is used together with the certification mark, it must be presented in accordance with the United Nations rules on the use/presentation of the World Goals.

Vottunarmerki 1.png

Using a certification mark

The certification marks must only be used as they are presented in this document and must always be in the appropriate proportions, size and colors.

A certified customer may use the appropriate certification mark, in accordance with the rules for certification (IRC-001), and shall ensure that:

  1. On the issued material, the imprint of the certification mark is accurate, in the correct proportions (see section 4) and legible.

  2. On an A4 page, the size of the certification mark must not be smaller than 20mm and not larger than 30mm.

  3. In electronic communications and on the website, the original version of the certification mark, which can be obtained from Versa Vottun, is used.


  1. The ratios of image and certification marks are 1:1

  2. Other ratios in the certification mark are:

  • Bottom square, gray on all certification marks: 1000 x 1000 

  • Next square, white (only black on the label with a white background): 950 x 950 px

  • The top square, background of the certification mark: 920 x 920 px

  • Image icon on top of background: 700 x 700 px


  1. The font FjallaOne is used in the Versa Vottun's name in the certification logo.

  2. The font DIN Condensed is used for references to certification standards (eg ISO 9001) that are below the logo on the certification label. These fonts may only be used as described on Versa Certification's certification marks.

Screenshot 2021-10-23 at 18.47.46.png


  1. Versa Vottun's mark must be presented on a brown, white or black background or on one of the 17 colors of the United Nations Sustainable Sustainable Goals. When the colors of the UN SDG are used on the background, it is only allowed to use the colors that are presented under point four below.

  2. The colors of the UN SDG are marked with the numbers 1-17 in accordance with the numbering order of the UN SDG (the colors and numbers are in accordance with UN guidelines). If those colors are used, it must be ensured that the exact same color is used as stated in the fourth point of this chapter. Further instructions for using the World Goals can be found under the link referred to in the footer on p. 2.

  3. When the colors referred to as the UN SDG are used as the background of Versa Vottun's certification mark Versa Vottun must confirm that the reference to the relevant UN SDG is appropriate.

  4. On the right is a summary table of the color numbers of the colors that can be used for the presentation of the Versa Vottun certification marks.

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