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Training and support

Preparatory course for the implementation of a management system

Versa Vottun offers preparatory courses for the implementation of the standards certified by Versa Vottun. During the course, the requirements of the respective standard are reviewed from a general point of view in order to clarify what is included in its requirements and how the requirement can be met in the best ways that organisations have used with good results (best practices).

Versa Vottun auditors have relevant education and technical experties in the field of management and strategic planning, and our courses are designed and given in such a way that those who take the courses can themselves transfer the knowledge they acquire to their activities and create a management system that is suitable and appropriate for their operations and human resources.

All activities of Versa Certification must comply with the requirements of the conformity standard ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015.

One of the requirements of that standard is that auditors of certification bodies do not participate in selecting the methods used in the implementation and operation of the management systems they audit.

In chapter three of the standard, conditions and definitions, under point 3.3, a definition of what constitutes a consultation (Consult) is presented. It presents the following information and examples:

Consultation is defined as:Involvement in designing, creating, implementing and maintaining management systems.

Example of consultation:
1: Prepare and create custom manuals and workflows.
2: Provide specific advice, guidance or solutions regarding the development and implementation of the management system.

Under Notes it is stated

1) Arranging training and participating as a trainer is not considered consultancy, provided that where the couse relates to management systems or auditing, it is confined to the provision of generic information; e.e. the trainr should not provide client-specific solutions.

2) The provision of generic information, but not client specific solution (Advice), with the aim of improving processes and systems, is not considered to be consultancy. Such information may include:

  • Explaining the meaning and intent of certification criteria;

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement;

  • Explaining associated theories, methodologies, techniques and tools;

  • Sharing non-confidential information on related best practices;

  • Other management aspects that are not covered by the management system being audited.

(ÍST EN ISO 17021-1:2015. Conformity assessment - Requirements for organizations conducting audits and certification of management systems. Chapter 3.3, page 2)

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